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This page is an online timer tool that counts down once you click 'Start Timer'. This online countdown timer will alarm you with sound so please put up your volume and don't lock your screen. You can pause and resume this timer anytime by clicking the 'Pause' or 'Resume' buttons. When the timer is up, it will blink and sound an alarm.

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User Reviews

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Simple Effective Countdown Timer

"This counts down time accurately. Simple yet effective." - ★★★★★ - Peter

5 Minute Egg Timer

"The 5 min countdown was ideal for egg boiling. Perfect eggs in the morning!" - ★★★★★ - Mary

60 Minute Countdown Timer

"This simple 60 minute countdown timer was ideal for baking my marble cake. The alarm was loud and I didn't miss it." - ★★★★★ - Jola

20 Minute Countdown

"Used 20 minute countdown timer for cooking. Worked great." - ★★★★★ - Matt

Timer For Dough

"I used this timer to countdown until my dough was ready." - ★★★★★ - Joe

2 Hour Countdown For Work

"I used this countdown timer to countdown to a 2 hour break." - ★★★★★ - Chloe

Simple Countdown Timer

"I wish more sites were as simple and straight forward as this one!" - ★★★★★ - Lara

60 Minute Timer For Break

"I used the 60 minute timer to set a reminder for myself to take a break from work." - ★★★★★ - Ryan

10 Minute Timer

"The 10 min timer worked well and it alarmed me with sound." - ★★★★★ - Anja

6 Minute Egg Timer

"Great as an egg timer to get your eggs just right. Used the 4 minute timer for this." - ★★★★★ - Carmen

Timer For Pizza

"I timed my pizza in the oven with this countdown timer. Perfect!" - ★★★★★ - Bernie

30 Minute Alarm Timer

"I set a 30-min timer to wake me up after a power nap. It worked and the sound was loud enough to wake me up." - ★★★★★ - Laura

Loud Alarm Sound

"The alarm was nice and loud, I had no trouble with it. 5 stars." - ★★★★★ - Rick

Blog Posts

You can read our latest blog posts here:

Classroom Timer for your Educational Activities

We are excited to announce that we now offer a classroom timer for class activities such as lessons, exams or presentations.

It is often needed to keep track of time inside your classroom, so as a teacher you now have full and easy control over time, whether it’s for your own lesson plan, an exam or test you planned, or a presentation given by a student.

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Timer with Alarm for your Power Naps

A power nap is a short sleep taken during the day in order to restore one’s mental alertness. It works wonders and many people swear by a power nap to restart their internal engine for the remainder of the day. The only problem being: it’s very easy to accidentally oversleep on a power nap, so you usually need an alarm to make sure you don’t overdo it.

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Countdown for Efficient Work Meetings

One way to use our countdown timer is for efficient meetings at work. We have all been there, a meeting that should have taken 20 minutes ends up taking a whole hour or more. Well, no more! With our easy and effective online countdown timer you can set yourself a hard deadline target so your meetings won’t overrun anymore.

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Countdown Timer for Effective Studying

One way to use our countdown timer is for effective and efficient studying. Studies show that the human brain cannot concentrate longer than 90 minutes, after which the ideal break is around 15 minutes.

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Prepare the perfect Breakfast Eggs with our Countdown Timer

What better way to use a countdown timer than to prepare some tasty breakfast eggs? But how long should you boil the eggs so that they turn out just the way you like them? This guide will help you with exactly that:

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Use our Countdown Timer for your Recipes

There are many possibilities as to what you can use our online countdown timer for. But using a timer with alarm sound works especially great for keeping track of your recipes, whether you are cooking or baking. You can choose any countdown timer from 1 minute to 60 minutes, or even an hour timer, anywhere between 1 hour up to 24 hours (in case you are cooking up something really serious!).

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Welcome to Timer-Countdown.com

We have built a simple yet powerful countdown timer that people can use online whenever and from wherever they feel like. Timer-countdown.com is a simple browser-based web tool that allows anyone, anywhere to quickly time any event or object that they desire.

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